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Little Copper Canyon towns no one visits: Temoris

Copper Canyon in October This time of year coming up- August through November is an idea time to experience Copper Canyon. When the rains get started in July, things start to green up, the weather cools as the dust settles and the waterfalls flow out their majesty. Early in this season we often encourage people […]

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Our Team in Copper Canyon: Carlos Vega

I was on CHEPE one day headed for El Fuerte when in the cafe car I met a portly affable Mexican named Carlos Vega. One cannot help but be befriended by this guy and he soon volunteered to do some shopping for me for a certain necklace at the upcoming Divisadero market. He explained in […]

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Healthcare in Mexico- My Experience- Part 3

Rural America has problems finding qualified doctors…besides all the issues of affording their care, having local hospitals and wrangling with insurance companies. My friend (my quirky friend)¬†Carlos Vega is a doctor in the little mountain village of Temoris along the train line. Temoris is known by tourists because it is the spot where CHEPE (the […]

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