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The Birth of the Margarita- Safely

I travel all over Chihuahua as we treat people to our Copper Canyon train trips. Having studied and experienced he various ways of getting in and out of Copper Canyon I have opted out of other options companies use to save money or fill their own hotels. The best way is in and out of El Paso. Problem is that Juarez is right there and it freaks people out. I have no concern about traveling there- as a matter of fact I was just there for a few days, walking the streets at all hours, eating, doing business–no problems and never have had any over these past few years.

Recently I took some writers and bloggers through Juarez and they as most people had their cautions. But once they walked the streets and experienced the hospitality, they realxed and had a great time.

Juarez Margarita - Club Kentucky (c) C. Zabransky

Juarez Margarita – Club Kentucky (c) C. Zabransky

Craig Zabransky of Stay Adventurous wrote today about their experience going to the birthplace of the Margarita, Kentucky Bar, in downtown Juarez. They had a blast,”safely”. I really like the closing paragraph Craig wrote:

Yet, what made me smile most about the evening, was it was real, authentic. This wasn’t a tourist trap gimmick, not at all, this was real history and real people making a life in Juarez a city of 2million. So, not only did I change my perception about a place, but I also tasted history while doing it.

Actually so any places in Juarez are like this- not a tourist trap. One I discovered the other day is the Central Cafe. I will write about this place soon- a real blast from the past but it is just that way- its not a show- turquoise naugahyde and all!

Central Cafe - Mexico

More later about Central Cafe- like a 50s cafe in the US but its not a show–it is life as usual in Juarez!

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