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The CHEPE Train Schedule in Copper Canyon

Primera is Daily- Economia is Every Other…Almost!

The Copper Canyon train headed for Chihuahua


When we were in Copper last year, one day we realised that the schedule was changing. Forever primera (first class) and economia (second class- even though Rosalva Delgado told me in no uncertain terms that she does not like this moniker for the cheaper train) have traveled daily both directions between Chihuahua City and Los Mochis.

One morning I realised it changed- and not having been in the Canyon area for a few weeks, I missed the notice.

The change- so simple

Start with Wednesday: that day only the Primera runs and it runs both ways- as it does every day. Now I will give the Economia schedule for the rest of the week. It alternates directions startimng Thursday.

Thursday it goes from Chi to Moch, Fri it goes Moch to Chi, Sat it goes Chi to Moch, Sun it goes Moch to Chi (get the pattern?) Mon it goes Chi to Moch, and Tues it goes Moch to Chi…and off on Wed….simple! Just try remembering that when in the middle of a trip and keeping track of up the line and down the line schedules- and in espanol.




One of our film crew on CHEPE rolling through Chihuahua

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