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The Enchanting Faces Copper Canyon

At the Gallegp Mirador above Urique

When we travel in this enchanting land of the Sierra Madres, there are always numerous gaga sights and memorable places…like this ridge above Urique (close to the Bahuichivo CHEPE stop- check this video up close ). This shot was taken during the rainy season- actually August- a great time to  There are more moments and places like this than your camera or your heart can take in.

But the most memorable and meaningful sites and pics are the faces of the people. This little guy was hanging out at the church in the tiny town of Cuiteco as we came back from a long walk to a waterfall on Sunday morning a few weeks ago. When that look of unstoppable optimism shines through a weathered life like that, it leaves a long impression.

Not many people get off of CHEPE at Cuiteco, but it is worth it. I plan to keep it in our itinerary for Copper Canyon train trips as much as possible.

Cuiteco…a quiet stream, a “main street” with no stores or cafes- like the only place to get a coke is in the living room of “the house with the black door”, the chatter of Tarahumara children at the school beyond the school.

The Tarahumara are so photogenic…yet so shy in their ways. One great resource for their culture and ways is theexcellent book by Jeff Biggers- “In the Sierra Madre”- essential reading for those visiting the canyon.

When we offer trips there, our way is to infuse each day with oppportunities to experience these fascinating people- their language, food, artwork, etc. Oy yes…and their Tesguino! I will have to blog about that soon!

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