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The Fascinating Foods and Mexican Cooking of the Copper Canyon Area

Ask most of us gringos about Mexican food and we come up with dishes that relate mostly to down country Mexico- or to the variations on Mexican dishes in this country (Cal-Mex or Tex-Mex).

What is largely ignored is the wealth of culinary delights which originated and now can be enjoyed in the north- especially Chihuahua. Its called Norteno food.

The Basics of Chihauhau Cuisine

This is cowboy country and much of the food reflects that. It is simple, hearty, Meat and vegetable oriented- this is not fine wine country. There are also the direct influences of the Tarahumara Indians (not the Incas) and the Mennonites who migrated there in 1922.

Distinctives of Norteno Foods

Meats are big – including Machacha seen here drying on the ceiling at Cabanas Diaz in Areponapuchi. Also alot of poultry and pork are enjoyed- even goat (cabrito).

The burrito stands will have a wide variety of meats to enjoy. Also the little sandwiches- tortas are often filled with locally prepared meats.

In the markets, be sure to seek out the meat markets- they can be a little smelly, but they give you as great view of all the cuts of meat- including heads, tongues, heart, kidney, etc.

Another distinctive is the wide use of vebetables- especially in the stews or caldos. Carrots, onions, beans, tomatos,etc fill these delicious caldos- and they are often the main dish.

Warm chicken stew at Cabanas Diaz

More on these delights of Chihuahua later.

Remember that you can enjoy and learn about these great foods on our culinary trip called “The Blue Corn Express”.

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