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The Incredible Food in Copper Canyon

One of the truly great cooks in Copper Canyon, Lola Mancinas from Areponapuchi.

Most people know little of the unique foods of northern Mexico- called norteño food. It is hearty, simple, often stock based, and it varies a great deal. The variety stems from the fact that there are several distinct cultures in the Sierra Madres. There is the historic ranch culture and from this strain comes the harina tortilla and the hearty beef dishes. There are the Mennonites centered around the Cuauhtemoc area. They migrated to this area in the 1920s and are thriving there producing apples and other fruits as well as grains- especially oats. Their unique contribution to the foods is the special white cheese they make. Then there are the Tarahumaras who maintain a simple diet of corn, beans, and squash. One of their unique drinks is tesguino– a corn beer concoction produced in barrels in the open at festival times. A good source on Tarahumara culture and food especially is“In the Sierra Madres” by Jeff Biggers.

The woman in the video above has produced a little booklet with genuine Copper Canyon recipes in it and we are working on getting it translated. Her little cabin area is not impressive (very comfortable and affordable) but her foods are beyond belief!

I love the foods of this area and have created the first ever culinary trip there. It is called “The Blue Corn Express” and the next one is coming up April 30-May 7…<<click here for itinerary of this culinary trip.

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