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The kind of people who love the Copper Canyon train.

There are certain qualities in the people who love the Copper Canyon and its train experience…it is not for everyone. Here are some qualities of people I have noticed who truly are enriched by it:

1. People who want to pave their own road with an intelligent, personal guide who knows and loves the place. They like the flex itinerary approach.

2. They want to be fully immersed in the culture, not just sightsee. Big buses are not the deal.

3. They want to “get out of town” completely so that they can really take in the little towns along the train…towns where no groups and few gringos ever go.

4. They want 100% scenic route and they are really curious so that they see what is there. They are into “local”.

5. They nurture a casual inquisitive approach…they are not there so much to be on vacation as to learn and come back a different person.

6. They don’t like places full of big loud tourists- or big loud anything. They are not in a hurry – like it is ok if a meal lasts all evening.

7.They know they are visitors, but they mix freely with Mexicans and Tarahumaras. Though they don’t know Spanish or Raramuri lingo, conversations happen.

8. They like the magic of trains…they don’t read a novel on the train.

9. They like traveling at a reasonable price and have some pocket money to come home with Mata Ortiz pottery, some Tarahumara baskets…and maybe even a bottle or two of Sotol!

Come travel with Authentic Copper Canyon...you will love it!

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