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The New Telocarril at Piedra Volada

An idea that will change the Divisadera area and the environs a great deal has been brewing for awhile…and now it is under construction. A new gondola is being built from the Piedra Volada area down to the big saddle and from there down nearly to the Urique River. Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl of Trans Americas Journey traveled there recently with me and we hiked down the canyon underneath it- getting a good view of construction in progress. Karen and Eric have written about it recently and have a great description of it along with cool pics.

Anchors for the new gondola

Anchors for the new gondola



They have these construction towers up right now and the real towers and cables are soon to come.

I had a interesting visit up to the constuction site. ..














Ladders up to the upper saddle ...

Ladders up to the upper saddle ...



There are these ladders that get you up off the saddle to the upper area where the construction is happening.

When I got up there, there were 3 or 4 Raramuri there just hanging out. They seemed disinterested in me and offered me some homemade blue corn tortillas and goat broth in cut off coke liter bottles.



Oct09-Part2 626

I noticed that these natives do something you rarely see mestizos do…they stare at the mountains. They seemed preoccupied with the immensity around us, even though they live there everyday of the year.

Those deep eyes seemed eager to soak in the grandeur.

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