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The New Zipline (Tirolesa) at Piedra Volada, Copper Canyon

August 2010 construction on the new gondola at Piedra Volada. This was set to open October 1, 2010, but that looks doubtful.

Construction is just about finished on the new gondola (teleférico) at Peidra Volada near Divisadero in Copper Canyon. This new attraction and its cables will drape itself over the canyon right in front of the overlooks near the Mirador Hotel.

Just next to this gondola on the west side of the canyon will be the new zipline system. The word is tirolesa and it is expected to be the world’s largest, sweeping over vast areas of the canyon in five stages to the “saddle”. The saddle is the area known to hikers over the years where you get your first peak toward the bottom and the Urique River.

Here are the lengths of the 5 ziplines:

Stage 1: 570m

Stage 2: 953m

Stage 3: 520m

Stage 4: 1100m

Stage 5: 940m

Stage 5 takes you to the end of the gondola and you will ride it back up to Piedra Volada.

The new gondola and ziplines will lace cables over the canyon area below thw Mirador Hotel. This pic taken onthe hump at the saddle below Piedra Volada.

Construction at the saddle on the base for the new gondola. Notice the Mirdaor Hotel in the background. We stopped here on our way out from the bottom of the canyon and enjoyed a bit of goat broth and blue corn tortillas with some silent Tarahumara workers.

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  1. Ryan Maness says:

    From the outside looking in this tourist attraction looks great and would be good for Mexico’s declining tourism with all of the drug related violence, but what people do not see is the ugly side of it, the human rights violations. There are 203 Tarahumara families that have been negatively affected by this project. One of the most affected communities, Mogotavo, the Tarahumara have been told to move so that a luxury hotel and restaurant can be built. In three other communities families are being threatened and forced to leave their ancestral lands with no compensation for their loss to make way for an extreme sports complex. My family and I live in Creel, we hear and see the other side of the coin. We build clean drinking water systems for the Tarahumara in remote mountain villages. For more information on what is really happening, read the full story here:http://www.elagora.com.mx/Robaron-y-desalojaron-a-vecinos.html and here:http://oaxacalibre.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2820:proyecto-turistico-intenta-despojar-a-raramuris-de-la-tarahumara&catid=38:informacion

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