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THE trip for street foodies

There are so many ultimately redeeming qualities of the Copper Canyon travel experience for those who truly love to experience other cultures. The Copper Canyon train is in the top seven in the world- everyday it passes through incredible country and has 37 bridges and 86 tunnels.

The indiginous people (the Raramuri of “Born to Run” barefoot running fame) live throughout the canyons and are a mysterious wonder.

There are colonial villages, delicate pottery, Pancho Villa history, etc.

But I think one of the really untouched parts of this place is the street food. From Chihuahua to the stop on the train at Divisadero to the markets in El Fuerte and Los Mochis- the food on the street from the vendors is perfect.

Two of my faves:

1. The vendors at the market in El Fuerte get rolling every morning at about 6a. The goat soup is beyond belief and every kind of taco under the sun can be had for a pittance. (see video above).

2.  Lola Mancinas at Areponapuchi. Lola has this way with simple food- like a little bowl of fruit she has canned or a slab of chicken breast.

Lola and I at one of her delicious discadas on the canyon wall

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