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The vast Rancho Uno near Janos, Mexico

Rancho Uno, Janos, Mexico

This place is amazing…perhaps mostly because of its vast openness.

Rancho Uno is a 40,000 acre ranch operated by The Nature Conservancy. The vastness and quiet of this place is breathtaking. There are bison, birds, prairie dogs, plants of all kinds, and all of it encircled in the distance by purple mountains.

The acquisition of the land was the largest single land purchase in Mexican history and it is intended to be a reserve for grassses and wildlife right in the middle of the high Chihuahuan desert.

Don’t expect to be entertained at the ranch…just relax and enjoy some home cooking and let the ease and wonder of the ecosystem around you soak in.

Our new trip “The Sotol Circle” takes an overnight here…a highlight.

A quiet walk at the incomparable Rancho Uno near Janos.

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