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Those Incredible Tarahumara Baskets in Copper Canyon…getting started.

Getting the sotol leaves cut is the first step.

The Tarahumara woman featured on this video is one of my favorites.

They sit silently, three generations of them, on a ridge high above the roaring Orteros. Their hands are busy with an ancient craft. The only sound is the low chatter of children, an occasional fly, and the river. The baskets they are making this morning are of sotol leaves (from the plant that is fermented and distilled to create the unique Chihuahua drink of the same name). Sometimes pine needles are used or mixed with sotol. Quickly and accurately the leaves are split and cut to length for weaving. I watch in wonder, asking questions and entertaining the kids with my camera. A Tarahumara miracle is taking shape.

A sharp little dagger is used to split and trim the leaves for weaving.

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