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Trans Americas Journey- Part 6 on Copper Canyon

Now Eric and Karen are off into Sinforosa Canyon- some of the deepest and most precipitous areas in the Barrancas de Cobre. As they say this area is more “Grand Canyonish” than other areas in Copper Canyon- and not as traveled to by tourists. Here is a blip from their blog:

The Sinforosa Canyon seemed more jagged than the chasms and slopes we’d been seeing for the past 10 days or so as we traveled through the Sierra Madre. From where we were standing the canyon walls were even too sheer for cactus, scrub trees or brush to cling to. This meant the underlying rock–with all it’s color, shape and striation variations–was much more visible than in other parts of the Copper Canyon that we’d visited. Here more than anywhere else, it felt like looking at the Grand Canyon as the evening light created contrast and surprisingly vibrant colors on the world of rock below us.

Our friends at 3 Amigos have a good description of the area and can get you connected to getting there….and this picture is on their site:

The great chasms in Sinforosa from 3 Amigos

One note: 3 Amigos is a great resource for equipment, guides, and info about the back country throughout the canyons. The are based in Creel and El Fuerte…Ivan and Yolanda are great folks!

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