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Trans Americas Journey- Part 7 from Copper Canyon

Karen and Eric of Trans Americas Journey at Paquime.

Karen and Eric of Trans Anericas Journey took the loooooong road from up in the Sierras out to the foot of the Copper Canyon area at El Fuerte last Fall.  This is one of my favorite spots and a real memory for our guests.

The road there is a wild and long one and their account is excellent- it starts as the leave Creel and wind down through San Rafael, leaving the pavement:

We left the pavement behind in San Rafael, not long after leaving Creel. Many of the simple dirt roads that eventually took us all the way to El Fuerte were built to give access to the mines in the region and most were not on the detailed maps in our Gia Roji road atlas. The locals and the mine employees all know exactly where they’re going so no one ever bothered putting up any signs either.

See the whole story here as well as many other adventures in Mexico…and all over.




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