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Two spoons from the hands of Cusarare

Two cedar spoons from Cusarae, Mexico.

I am holding these two smooth, unfinished spoons this morning in my Authentic Copper Canyon office in Champaign, Il. They are not that impressive in their workmanship, but they are smooth and appear to be made from cedar. As I look at them closely I can see the whittle marks that affirm my memory of them being carved before my eyes in the tiny town of Cusarare, Mexico. (Sorry my word processor does not have special symbols. The accent in Cusarare is on the first a, so it is pronounced coo SAH rah ray).

Several months ago, I stooped and was spellbound as they were carved from rough logs by a little man with one leg outside of the museum holding the paintings in this Tarahumara (Raramuri) village south of Creel.

These spoons were being made by hand out of cedar logs by this little guy in Cusarare.

The guy had some little tools, a handmade hammer and a pencil that he would use to sketch each spoon out as he started on a new one.

The spoon gets marked out in pencil then the rough work starts. Note the handmade hammer.

Next the finer work is done carefully by hand...no words were said during this process.

The craftsman is a silent Tarahumara Indian with one leg...right in the shadow of the church and art museum in Cusarare.

The feet of a young girl sitting next to the carver...as she fumbled with the cedar shavings.

This is Authentic Copper Canyon.

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