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Contact Info     Welcome! This site is full of current info on our small group Mexico trips--including Copper Canyon, Oaxaca for day of the Dead, wine trips , monarchs and more. If you have a question or need help on trips, contact Dave today at 217.369.9897 or davehensleigh@gmail.com.

Mexico Horse Trips   arrow

We Know Horses

Horse back riding in Copper Canyon is one of our specialities and loves. Dave Hensleigh has had extensive experience over the years working with pleasure and pack horses. Dave hails from a small farm in Kansas where horses were a daily part of life. Training riding horses was an overgrown hobby of Dave’s for years and then several years ago he took on the management of a herd of 80 horses for a pack station in Colorado.

Our horse team in Mexico

We have assembled a team of horseback providers up and down the canyons and can offer a variety of experiences. We have folks in every little town who can provide sure footed, experienced ponies for us for 0ne to five hour rides along the canyon rims and valleys. For overnight trips of two to seven days, we have several options- embarking from Divisadero, Areponapuchi, Cerocahui, Gallego, El Fuerte, San Juanito, and other locations.

There is also the option for short day rides- perhaps including lunch- in each little town where we land.

The Cabalgata

Every spring there is a ten or so day ride from the mountains above Mata Ortiz through the Casas Grandes valley up to Columbus, New Mexico. This ride arrives in Palomas, Mexico/ Columbus, New Mexico on March 10- the anniversary of the date when Pancho Villa invaded the United States in 1916 that drew the invasion of General Pershing. This is a traveling fiesta, stopping in the little towns and haciendas each night for food and dancing.

Call Dave for details–217.369.9897