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Contact Info     Welcome! This site is full of current info on our small group Mexico trips--including Copper Canyon, Oaxaca for day of the Dead, wine trips , monarchs and more. If you have a question or need help on trips, contact Dave today at 217.369.9897 or davehensleigh@gmail.com.

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Copper Canyon guide

Our trips to Copper Canyon happen about every month or so–small group excursions that immerse you in the culture.













The next train trip to Copper Canyon comes up about every month or so. Each trip is a full experience on the Copper Canyon train  and the ruins and pottery wonders at Casas Grandes and Mata Ortiz. Some of our trips start in El Paso. TX, cover the full extent of the train line, returning through Baja. Others start in Chihuahua City–you can fly there on American or United daily.

You can also fly from the west coast through San Diego/Tijuana to Los Mochis (LMM) on Volaris Airlines.

We have trips scheduled about every month or so–and can arrange a trip for individuals or groups on about any date. <<click here>> for all of our Copper Canyon and Mexico trips.

Call Dave today for info—217.369.9897 or email davehensleigh@gmail.com


Huge cliffs like this are common along the train in Copper Canyon. Another pic from Bob Cook.

Raramuri runners in Copper Canyon

Raramuri runners in Copper Canyon–photo from Mickey Mahaffey

Here is a sample itinerary :

Basic Copper Canyon Trip
11 Nights from El   Paso to Baja- Priced at $1895 less 11 meals
Date Overnight City Hotel Included Meals Activities Notes
Jan 1, Wednesday Arrive   El Paso, Texas- stay over or travel to Casas Grandes Microtel   Inn and Suites, 2001 Airway Boulevard, El Paso, TX 79925, (915) 772-3650 B The   hotel is right out front of the airport to the right 300 yds.. You can make   your way there by foot or call the airport Microtel from the hotel call   center in the luggage area. Expect your guide to make contact tonight.   Otherwise plan to meet him in the lobby with bags ready at 8a tomorrow. Note:   This itin has options to exchange days in    Copper Canyon for any number of the days in Todos Santos.
Jan 2,   Thursday Casas   Grandes Casa de Nopal B,L,D Meet   your guide in hotel lobby at 8:00am. Leave for Casas Grandes with a possible   stop at Don Cuco for an introduction to Sotol on the way. Paquime ruins, Mata   Ortiz pottery, and various historic sites around Casas. Sotol   is THE drink of Chihuahua and is somewhat like tequila- but better! Right on   the edge of Casas are the Paquime Indian archaeological ruins- a UNESCO World   Heritage site- and nearby is the tiny village of Mata Ortiz. The pottery from   this area is very special and known around the world for its intricacy and   character.
Jan 3,   Friday Creel Best Western   Creel B,   L We   travel down through ranch country into the wooded Sierras and get our first   taste of Copper Canyon. There are rock formations, Tarahumara Indian   villages, waterfalls in season, and some delicious local eateries. This   is the bustling hub of the canyons and is filled with known and unknown food   haunts. Veronicas (known) and Estelas (unknown) are recommended. There is a   little museum/gift shop run by a local mission that is quite good.
Jan 4,   Saturday Aereponapuchi   in the Divisadero area Mansion   Tarahumara L,D Some   time to finish seeing the Creel area and we are off to nearby Divisadero and   a room with a view. We arrive at this tiny town and a local lodge- above the   canyon- Mansion Tarahumara. Dinner, relax as well as perhaps watch the sunset   over the vast reaches of Copper Canyon. “Arepo”as we call it, is officially   “nowhere Mexico”. The area around Arepo gives us a good long look at Copper   Canyon, and we have plenty of time to look around. Enjoy the view!  Mansion Tarahumara is a family run lodge   with great food and excellent views. You will look down on the vast Copper   Canyon heartland.
Jan 5,   Sunday Aereponapuchi   in the Divisadero area Mansion   Tarahumara B,L,D We   have all day to relax and enjoy this area with lots of options including   hiking, horseback, the gondola/zipline, local Raramuri dwellings (one is in a   cave),  and browsing through the local   markets. Areponapuchi-   Just call it Arepo and don’t expect the big city. This tiny place sits near   the rim of some of the best views of Copper Canyon. The new gondola and   ziplines are a scenic thrill, and you can walk or ride horses in and around   the great canyon. Also a good place to pick up local souvenirs. Horses are   available here- huge views!
Jan 6,   Monday Cerocahui San   Isidro Lodge B,L,D We   board the train late morning and head through the mountains to Cerocahui and   the little San Ysidro lodge. The place is known for its food, the local   Tarahumara runners, and QUIET. You may need warm clothes and the little stove   in your room—and someone cuddly to sleep with. Cerocahui-   This quiet little town sits in a beautiful valley and is a great place to   overnight. We will stay above town nearer to the majestic Gallego   overlook.
Jan   7, Tuesday El   Fuerte Posada   Hidalgo B,L Plenty   of time to take a walk and relax. Then we reboard the train for the   unsurpassed journey toward our evening destination, El Fuerte. Tunnels,   bridges, canyons, mountains…have your cameras ready! We arrive in El Fuerte   after dinner on the train…this place is known for incredible food! El   Fuerte- A small town with a quaint (and delicious!) market and lots of   colonial architecture. History, Indian culture, bird watching, and a palm   lined plaza make this place a favorite.
Jan   8, Wednesday Sea   of Cortez Baja   Ferry Room B We   have time to take in the local market, the plaza, and a river trip to see the   birdlife and petro glyphs. Then we are off to catch the ferry in the evening   for the overnight journey to Baja. You   will have a room on the ferry. There is a bar and eating facilities as well   as a deck for starwatching.
Jan   9, Thursday Todos   Santos, Baja Casa   Tota B We   arrive at La Paz in the morning and have breakfast in one of the little local   eateries. Then we have options for a boatride out on the Sea of Cortez or   head to the artsy little village of Todos Santos. Our   destination is the quiet little community of Todos Santos, home of the   infamous ‘Hotel California”. Here we can lay by the pool, walk the beaches,   stroll through the art shops and perhaps see whales in season.
Jan   10, Friday Todos   Santos, Baja Casa   Tota B Many   options today and tomorrow in this lovely area.
Jan 11, Sat Todos Santos,   Baja Casa Tota B Options abound including laying by   the pool or on the beach and doing nothing.
Jan 12, Sun B Fly   home from Cabo airport (SLD)