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Vision for Areponapuchi

There’s no “their” there.

Gertrude Stein uttered this grim phrase about Oakland. “There’s no there there”. It does well as a description of the tiny town we always experience on our Copper Canyon tours. While Arepo is near some of the most fantastic views, it is unknown. Though it is right at the Posada Barrancas CHEPE station, no one knows or even bothers to try to pronounce its name. People walk and drive from this village to work the new Divisadero Adventure Park not to mention the hotels and lodges in the area, but it is not on the map.

What IS in Areponapuchi?

First of all, the place is called Arepo. What this little village has is a couple of small stores, some little cabanas- Lolas and Cabanas Diaz and others-, bigger hotels- Mansion Tarahumara and The Mirador– , a little chapel style church, and some 2,000 people.

What is NOT in Arepo?

This little place unlike most towns and cities has no plaza- never has. Beyond this there is no gathering place. There are no side walks along the newly paved main drag that does a big U through the village. Even though hundreds of people walk this road (at their peril) daily for work, there is no walk way.

Obvious need for Arepo:

Seems to me this place is on the verge of having much more population and business activity. The new adventure park, more cabanas springing up and the news of a proposed new resort mean that people and change are coming.

What this hardscrabble little wide spot in the road needs in my view is a central place- like a park or plaza- and good walkways to get there as well as to the places of employment.

More to follow including video and photos.

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  1. Areponapuchi takes the name from a Tarahumara leader.

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