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Vision for Copper Canyon

Now you can learn this ancient craft with the Raramuri.

From Dave Hensleigh

Authentic Copper Canyon Founder

This company – this family of experience providers known as Authentic Copper Canyon – has become the leader in small group culturally rich Copper Canyon tours. Now I am launching new trip experiences to directly involve the indigenous Raramuri with our guests. We have always emphasized the crafts, language, etc of these people. Now we will offer specific trips focused at these unique parts of their daily life.

Here is an overview of the trips:

Run with the Raramuri- Runners at all levels will have the opportunity to run daily with various barefoot runners up and down the train line. Road running and trail running can be included and trips can be coordinated with one of the local 100K runs in the Copper Canyon area.

Raramuri Basket Weaving– Hands on observation, instruction, and workshops on how to create these intricate baskets from local materials. Material gathering, dying, and weaving will be included.

Raramuri Language Immersion– Tour the canyons and the Raramuri ejidos with local Indians and learn the basics of their language as you go.

Raramuri Ejido Life– Visit and even overnight in a variety of Raramuri areas up and down the Copper Canyon train line.

The most important aspect of this initiative is that the Raramuri will directly benefit from it.

My plan is to employ an increasing number of  Tarahumara to teach these skills. It is a sustainable way for them to benefit from the growing tourism trade to Copper Canyon, Mexico.

Now you can not only SEE this great place but actually live life with the Tarahumara in Copper Canyon.

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