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Waterfall at Cusarare, Copper Canyon, Mexico

This little Tarahumara town is one of the favorite spots on our journeys. There is so much to experience here especially if you love art. The little museum next to the mission has a collection of Baroque period art salvaged from the mission- quite a find.

Recently outside the museum, we watched a local Tarahumara man whittling spoons from cedar logs by hand- like most of the crafts in the area, they are 100% local.

Speaking of crafts we took a walk over to the majestic waterfall outside of town. In that area there were several people selling handmade goods. Near on of the little plank board tables, This Tarahumara girl was weaving shawls. They were selling for about $7 USD. It was a joy to watch her weave along silently.

Actually almost all of what you can buy in the Copper Canyon area is made right there. There are of course some tshirts and hats- but the baskets, bowls, violins and other musical instruments, woven goods etc are almost all made right there- sometimes as you watch.

Anyway the Cusarare waterfall roared away nearby and it took me back to my Yosemite days to stand there in the grandeur.

Hey I will write more later about this great place- but take note that this is the setting of the important book by Jeff Biggers, “In the Sierra Madre“. It truly is as the University of Illinois Press review says “a stunning history”.

Also- if you go to this little town, I highly recommend Berthas Palce as a place to stay. You need to be up for a bit of an adventure, but this is a real experience in a Tarahumara home.

Bertha is a great cook, all is prepared on a wood stove and you will get to experience 3 generations floating around as you eat in the kitchen. Bertha Parar’s cabins are across the bridge after you go through town on the left across the stream. Contact us (davehensleigh@gmail.com if you need better directions- they have no phone) and we will get you hooked up- or just come on one of our trips there!

You may have the experience as I did of holding her newborn grand daughter!

Oh hey…check out this video we did if you love big loud waterfalls.

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