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WAY Off the Train – Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico (Part 2)

I am bringing you parts and links to this incredible series fro Eric and Karen at Trans Americas Journey. These two were my good companions last Fall for almost two weeks in the unknown and known places of the majestic reaches of Copper Canyon Mexico.

We made contact on twitter and planned out a grand venture that has resulted in lots of excellent material from them on Copper…including this blog.

This entry takes you to Cuiteco (why more gringos don’t visit this place I know not- I have never seen a single American tourist here other than my groups). I love the pic of Karen by the fire there- here is my non-professional version:

Karen by the fire at the lodge in Cuiteco.

This place is so cool…their blog goes on to take you to Cerocahui, Urique and several other fascinating spots.

Enjoy it!

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