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Where CHEPE Crosses Over Itself


There is a lifetime of wonders along the Copper Canyon train and I keep discovering new fascinating places and people along the magic railway through the Sierras every trip.

One if the cool spots that people want to see but usually miss is the spot where the line loops around and goes under itself- if you are coming from the Chihuahua City end toward the west- or over itself if you are going east and climbing away from Los Mochis toward Chihuahua.

It is called “El Lazo” or the lasso in English and it means the loop. Near the highest point on the line, it is midway between Creel and Divisadero and as I said it is easy to miss. Most folks just sit in their seats and wonder where it is…perhaps noticing that the sun is coming from one direction and then another. But if you watch your kilometer markers (little white signs on the right of the train as you go west), hang out the window, and move from side to side, you will see it. (By the way, I encourage our guests- especially the train lovers- to leave their stuff in their seats and spend their train time at a window between the cars or in the bar car…great views from the bar car).

The reason for this engineering feat is to help the railway loose altitude quickly- switchbacks just don’t work for a train. Photo people should have their cameras ready just before and after the loop because there are some good looks at the railway as it works its way into the canyons area.

Note for those traveling to Copper Canyon: if you travel with us I will have kilometer by kilometer guides for you. If you are going alone or with another group, I am glad to send you a copy. Just email me at

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