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Walk Across Juarez #7

Alfredo Murillo as we leave Juarez headed for Chihuahua City.

I am smiling chuckling- we had so much fun there in Juarez.

I am high in Copper Canyon along the train line in the little town of Areponapuchi.

My room at Mansion Tarahumara is littered with scrawled papers, open books, dirty socks, half empty and stale tequila glasses…and I am deeply happy as I think back on the journey.

The walk across Juarez was so filled with jokes, laughter, affection, and friendship…that I just smile as I reflect.

I was deeply blessed and enriched by those steps across that troubled place- what an incredible trip.

The story is finished- or begun- not sure.

My old Tecate pen runs our of ink. I am about to run out of words to express all that was given me there.

Yet I will never fathom the depth of the storehouse of gifts I have from the people of Juarez.

Thank you.

Thank you Eduardo and Augustine and Esty and Sonia and Lorenzo and Gustavo and Sergio and Thomas and Liz and Antonio and Sol…

And most of all to my dear friend and brother, Alfredo Murillo. Thank you “Mr. Fettuccine” for the good van support, the translating, the food you found, the words of encouragement. Except hold it! You are the one that said this walk was “a  good thought but not a good idea”!

I love you jovencito, and I look forward to many more journeys with you through Chihuahua. May your tribe increase.

“You got it! Go for it gringo!”

I needed that.

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  1. Vicky Trevino says:

    Hi Dave-
    Just wanted to thank you for having had the guts (yes) and the insight to do this walk across Cd. Juárez. I just stumbled across your account of it, so I know this comment comes kind of late, but I wanted to make it nevertheless.
    If I can be so bold as to say that I speak in the name of all Mexicans, I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Yes, we ARE going through a VERY rough patch (I live in Monterrey), but I thank you for seeing and putting out to your readers ALL that is good and kind and beautiful about our dear Mexico. Thank you for helping others see BEYOND the grisly, graphic photos to the warmth, the kindness, the humor, the RESILIENCE, the JOY that real Mexicans carry in their hearts. Our beautiful country not only boasts natural resources and beauty aplenty, but more importantly, it boasts a people who (as you know) will open their homes and hearts to everyone. But if WE say it, they think that can’t be, that we’re biased, deluded, blind. Thank you for being a “gringo” voice speaking the truth, thank you for having faith, thank you for appreciating us. Please just add your prayers to ours for the nightmare to end.
    Mil gracias y saludos,
    Vicky Treviño

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