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Yes…buy travel insurance.

@TravelNewsFeed tweeted today on best advice for getting travel insurance for your international trip and I could not agree more. Quoted was Terry Ward on Aol travel.

“You planned your vacation months in advance. The hotels are booked. The rental car pickup arranged. You even asked friends for a list of restaurant recommendations.

But did you consider placing a call to your health care provider as part of your travel plans? If not, you should.

Accidents can happen anywhere. It’s an old adage we all know well. But checking into an emergency room halfway across the country is the last place to find yourself wondering if your version of an emergency will indeed be covered by your health insurance plan.”

Copper Canyon travel and the whole experience on the train and little towns is safe...yet you never know when you may have your trip interrupted or need a doctor.


In my own experience, accidents and even trip interruption are rare. But when they occur, it is so handy to have some ready coverage. I use AccessAmerica and TravelGaurd.

And to answer the obvious questions:

1. Yes, Mexico and Copper Canyon is safe for travel…listen to those who live there day by day, like Spencer MacCallum…and to people who guide there often like me- and my team of Copper Canyon experts.

2. Yes, the healthcare in Chihuahua is excellent. I have personally experienced medical and dental care in that area and in the US and have recently described my observations.

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