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About Dave Hensleigh

Dave Hensleigh:
Dave Hensleigh started Authentic Mexico Travel to provide curious travelers a rich dose of the less traveled places in Mexico. Dave’s passion for Mexico travel runs deep, and his enthusiasm for and knowledge of the area will enrich your experience there.
Dave’s graduate work was in Biology and he has spent much of his life exploring and guiding in the Rockies and Sierras. He loves to garden and cook- especially the cuisine of the Sierra Madres.
Dave has assembled a team of expert local Mexican guides and providers who will help him serve you on your journey. Groups are always kept small and this team of local guides makes for a truly personalized and informed Copper Canyon experience.

“On Your Own Trips”

You can explore Copper Canyon and we will make the reservations and provide contacts for you all along the way. An economical and fun way to experience and enjoy the Sierra Madres. New trips in the making! Call us at 267.880.6542 to plan your own trip.

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Bob Strong

Roberto Fuerte…in English we know him as Bob Strong. Twenty years ago he ventured into this enchanting place on a medical mission trip with CHIA. Bob was instantly bonded with the people and their communities. He began helping locals develop bed and breakfast type accommodations for curious gringos to enjoy. He formed Mexico Outback and […]

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Quieres mas?

Six am and I am plopped at the kitchen counter at Cabanas Diaz in the remote village of Areponapuchi sipping coffee and watching corpulent old Ophelia grind blue corn hominy. It’s the first step in making the tortillas we will enjoy with breakfast. Methodically she stokes the wood stove with dry mesquite stobs and looks […]

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Mi Sombrero es su sombrero

¡David, mi sombrero es su sombrero! I lose my prized hat out the window of the train and try to buy a really nice L L Bean type hat from a Mexican on the train. “How much?” “Veinte” he says (which is twenty), so I go to get 20 pesos ( about 2 dollars). The […]

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