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Baja Wildlife Cruise in February

The Narval is our home for this incredible journey in Baja.

All aboard this February 16-23 for a wildlife cruise to the Sea of Cortez.

Here is a blip from the full brochure for this Baja trip:

8 day journey to the Sea of Cortez and the Baja Peninsula.

February is an amazing month to experience three of the

most charismatic marina animals in the world; the gray

whale, the sea turtle and the whale shark.

The first adventure takes us across the Peninsula (by vans

to the Pacific side) to the gray whale birthing lagoons of

Magdalena Bay. Once we arrive we will board 32 ft. pangas

(fishing boats) and experience life amidst the gray whales

as females nurture their calves and males jostle for the mating

rights to the females.

On the Sea of Cortez side, we will be engaged in the

“Planned Activities” and both of our “Wildlife Conservation

Projects”; a sea turtle monitoring program and assisting in

whale shark research. Not often

do we have the opportunity to participate in the world

conservation of our marine life. These are rare and often life

changing experiences leaving memories of a lifetime.

No other expedition offers such a unique program encompassing

close encounters with such rare marine animals.

Hands on experience with sea turtles, whale sharks, and birthing whales will be the core of this adventure.

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