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Bucket List Destinations

One of our guests comments on his experience in Copper Canyon.

Most people who love to travel and are over 40 have some sort of “Bucket List” . It may be on paper and carefully considered and prioritized. Or it may be informally tucked in the back of the brain and drawn up in an odd moment for a bit of cerebral pleasure.

I am finding that the Copper Canyon Railway Tour is on many seasoned travelers list- and they look forward to going. The list may also include Kilamanjaro, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, and Antarctica.  But there is something about that train through Copper Canyon that draws people. When I am at a trade show in Boston or New York, they will stop and visit on and on asking questions and clarifying seasons and options.

So why don’t more people go now? Certainly the leading reason is the perception in the United States that tourists are at risk in Mexico. The ironic reality is that no tourists have been involved in the problems there and also that statistically Mexico is one of the safer tourist destinations. Case in point is that many many people traveled to South Africa for the World Cup last year and that destination is much much more dangerous for travelers than any part of Mexico.

Conclusion: if a Copper Canyon tour is on your bucket list, I invite you to get that one scrtached off soon…and I would love to take you there.

Also I have written about safety in Mexico…<<CLICK HERE to read my experience.

One of our recent tours of Copper Canyon concluded at the lovely San Felipe el Real in Chihuahua City.

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