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Category Archives: Why travel to Copper now?

Right now is an excellent time to travel to Copper Canyon…it is still one of those “undiscovered” places.

See Copper Canyon by Train this Spring

No better time to see Copper Canyon–March or April are perfect. The train runs every day. The weather is moderate. The canyons shine.

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Spring and Summer Trips to Copper Canyon

  The Copper Canyon train runs every day of the year. Yes even on Christmas, Guadalupe Day, Cinco de Mayo–every day CHEPE rolls out of Chihuahua City and Los Mochis at 6am and makes it way through the splendor of Copper Canyon.                       Some people insist […]

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September Tour of Copper Canyon

We go often to Copper Canyon–something like 25-30 trips per year. We go in about any season as every time of year has something cool to offer on the Copper Canyon train. But in many people’s view the fall is the prime season. We are offering several trips this fall and the first is September […]

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Little Copper Canyon towns no one visits: Temoris

Copper Canyon in October This time of year coming up- August through November is an idea time to experience Copper Canyon. When the rains get started in July, things start to green up, the weather cools as the dust settles and the waterfalls flow out their majesty. Early in this season we often encourage people […]

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Marathon in Juarez- I ran it!

Go to http://www.facebook.com/maratongnj and you can see me run by at about 27 seconds in my white Authentic Copper Canyon shirt with my friend Sergio Madero right behind me. Yes Juarez in changing I was in Juarez a few weeks ago with a gorup of writers and bloggers- a cool bunch and good sports too. […]

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Only the beginning…

Back from Copper Canyon Just back from another safe and fascinating trip to Copper Canyon, I was sitting this morning in the cafe of an El Paso hotel gobbling down some breakfast. From the muzak-like  speakers over head came the strains of that old CTA song, “Only the Beginning” and it took me back to […]

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Top Ten Reasons to Travel the Copper Canyon Train

This great place awaits curious travelers now …and what a joy it is to be able to introduce our guests to its wonders: 1. Copper Canyon is so huge. 2. The Rarámuri or Tarahumara– the indigenous people. 3. The train through Copper Canyon– CHEPE. 4. The little towns – the heart of rural Chihuahua. 5. […]

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This Solitary Gringo Will Walk Across Juarez

Is it safe for tourists in Mexico now? Well our experience is that it is and while there are concerns, even northern Mexico is much safer than other tourist destinations people use now- such as South Africa and Beliz. Still during this period, Europeans, Australians, Canadians and of course Mexicans are traveling extemsively in the […]

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Walk Across Juarez

  Walk Across What??? Juarez seems to be the LAST place any sane person would chose to even go to, let alone walk across. Most people assume that my body will end up filled with bullets, decapitated, and hung from some bridge with a scrawled cartel note tied to it. But the actual situation and […]

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Copper Canyon Train Trips Just Announced

Our Classic trip is a small group learning based trip on the world renowned Copper Canyon train. This 8 day excursion is a full immersion into the rich culture and geography of the enchanting Sierra Madres featuring the Tarahumaras and Mennonites, the delicious food, an emphasis on local places, the amazing new gondola and ziplines, Mata […]

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