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Contact Info     Welcome! This site is full of current info on our small group Mexico trips--including Copper Canyon, Oaxaca for day of the Dead, wine trips , monarchs and more. If you have a question or need help on trips, contact Dave today at 217.369.9897 or davehensleigh@gmail.com.

Chicago Travel and Adventure Show

The 2012 Travel Show in Chicago

For the second year we went selling train trips to Copper Canyon at the travel show at Rosemont in Chicago. Two of us worked hard for the two days telling the Copper Canyon story to hundreds. We were a part of the Mexico Tourism Board space. All of the other reps there were displaying for resort areasĀ  or places near the beaches of Mexico. This made us a bit unique in that Copper Canyon and the CHEPE train are certainly comfortable and very hospitable- but not a resort in any way.

Copper Canyon Questions

Certainly the most common question is regarding safety for travel. So time and time again we told the story- trying to be patient and clear- that no tourists have had issues in Chihuahua, the situation is much better in the last year, the cartels have no interest in harming Americans, 1000s of people from other countries are going, etc.

Which season to travel to Copper Canyon…this is a common one and I have addressed the seasons to travel to Copper Canyon in another place. We also get the question about whether you can sleep on the train- the answer is no. Being the premiere Copper Canyon tour company, we get asked these questions time and time again. No prob!

Next year’s Chicago Travel Show

We hope to be a part of the 2013 Chicago Travel show at Rosemont. Our trips are for travelers- not just tourists, so this show is an excellent one for us to reach out to people who want the best in tours to Copper Canyon.

The details for the show are on the link and we look forward to seeing you there!

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