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Chihuahua in a Bottle- Don Cuco Sotol!

Celso Jaquez at the Don Cuco fermentation pits near Janos.

Award winning Don Cuco Sotol

The Sotol- the drink of Chihuahua- from Don Cuco Sotol in Janos, Mexico is beginning to take the tequila sipping market by surprise. This fine spirit has won two major recent competitions. Don Cuco Reposada won grand champion honors this last year in San Diego and Albuquerque.

What is sotol?

Sotol is a fine spirit traditionally produced in the high plains of northern Chihuahua. It is the product of a spiny plant called Dasylirion wheeleri that grows along lower mountain slopes and is now beginning to be cultivated.

Sotol on NPR!

Don Cuco Sotol was recently featured on Morning Edition on NPR. The interview gives a good dose of the energy of Celso Jaquez and his family from Janos.

Want to experience Sotol?

Check the Don Cuco Facebook page for states where it is available now. Otherwise join one of our Copper Canyon train trips and we will drop in there the last day and you can see and sip for yourself!

The award winning Reposada at Don Cuco.

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