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Chepe Station Schedule   arrow

Note: January, 2017- the first and second trains now travel together and leave both Chihuahua City and Los Mochis at 6a – they are hooked together. The second train only travels every other day as noted below, and the first train goes daily/365.

MEXInsider.com has published this handy schedule and rate table and it appears to be up to date. There was a recent small rate hike but these are pretty close.

The first table is from the Chihuahua end (my preferred route- both are great but I like this approach especially in warmer months- it also gives us an excuse to see Casas Grandes and Mata Ortiz AND to experience the San Felipe el Real hotel in Chihuahua City.

Chihuahua 6:00
Cuauhtemoc $295.00 8:15 8:15
San Juanito $591.00 10:38 10:38
Creel $660.00 11:15 11:15
Pitorreal $744.00 12:06 12:06
Divisadero $789.00 12:34 12:54
Posada $820.00 13:00 13:00
San Rafeal $875.00 13:18 13:25
Culteco $875.00 14:05 14:05
Bahulchivo $891.00 14:17 14:17
Temoris $978.00 15:15 15:15
El Fuerte $1271.00 18:10 18:10
Los Mochis $1451.00 20:50

Here is the table for the Los Mochis departure:

From Los Mochis to
Los Mochis 6:00
El Fuerte $267.00 8:30 8:30
Temoris $475.00 11:26 11:26
Bahulchivo $562.00 12:27 12:27
Culteco $578.00 12:39 12:39
San Rafeal $633.00 13:20 13:30
Posada $655.00 13:40 13:40
Divisadero $644.00 14:05 14:05
Pitorreal $709.00 14:31 14:31
Creel $793.00 15:24 15:24
San Juanito $862.00 16:01 16:01
Cuauhtemoc $1155.00 18:23 18:23
Chihuahua $1451.00 20:45

Several notes:

-People ask us which hotel we use in Los Mochis. Usually we don’t stay there but I have some guests there tomorrow night and they are at the lovely Corintios Hotel.

– The schedules and prices above are for the 1st class train. The second train leaves one hour later, is half the price, and makes more stops. The second train does not run on Wednesday, leaves Chihuahua on Thurs/ Sat/ Mon and leaves Mochis on Fri/Sun/Tues.

-Trains are usually a bit late especially later in the day. However passenger count is down so trains seem pretty prompt lately.

-Usually you can buy tickets on the train.

NOTE: July 2013–the prices have gone up again and can be found on the CHEPE site. Many days also the second train is hooked to the first–so it travels an hour earlier on the days described above–as a matter of fact EVERY time I have been there in the past six months the second has been hooked to the first.