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Copper Canyon Trip in August

Copper Canyon is simply majestic in August

Along one of the rims in Copper Canyon, Mexico in August when all is green.

Copper Canyon in August

August is a fine time to experience Copper Canyon and the amazing Copper Canyon train. Usually the weather is quite nice. The special thing about the weather is that the rainy season has been on for a few weeks so about each day or so there is a Colorado type shower at noon or so. This freshens things and the waterfalls flow and everything turns green.

Basasiachic Falls

This trip to Copper Canyon in August should be a special one. Often we do not take in the Basasiachic Falls. It is a bit of a drive there and if the falls are low- it’s a disappointment. But this trip will include the great falls as well as San Isidro and the great Gallego overlook, Noritari in the pines above San Juanito, Casas Grandes and of course the grand views and adventure park in the Divisadreo area

Weather in Copper Canyon

The packing list for this Copper Canyon train trip will be a bit different. The weather is warm so just a slight wrap for cool evenings is needed. A little rain protection- like a poncho or rain jacket would be in order. Also sun screen is a must as the elevation and direct sun are both in play.


This trip is August 4-12 and it leaves from and returns to El Paso, TX. You should fly into El Paso early day August 4 or arrive the night before and get at hotel. It is possible to fly out late day August 12 or plan to grab a room in El Paso that day and fly on the 13th. Here is the itinerary and pricing – you can call Dave at 217.369.9897 or email davehensleigh@gmail for more details.

Don’t miss this special season in Copper Canyon as the waterfalls flow and the green canyon walls shine!

Basasiachic Falls in Copper Canyon

The mighty Basasiachic falls roars in August- from summitpost.org



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