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Copper Canyon trip pointers

Here are some current simple pointers for travel on the Copper Canyon Train:

Food- The food on the train and the places we stay are safe. We often eat street food- delicious. My only cautions are street and market vendors that are dirty.

Water- Best precaution is to drink bottled water. You can fill at the places we stay or buy it on the street, in a little store or on the train.

Valuables- The train is secure as are the places we stay. Still it is a good thing to keep your money, credit cards, passport, camera, jewelry, any little valuables, etc with you.

Credit/ATM cards- Handy to have as you can quickly get pesos with them at ATMs or use them for a purchase some places. NOTE: call your card provider before you leave home and give them the dates you are going to be in Mexico.

Money- bring some for your 4 meals and other stuff- like $400 or so- more if you like to drink a lot and you want to buy significant souvenirs. You can get pesos at your bank, but I recommend getting them at the El Paso airport or in Mexico.

Being alone- Use common sense. We travel in safe places, yet it is a good practice to avoid certain sleazy places and to always go in pairs.

You cannot bring back more than 2 liquors, firearms, plants, prescriptions you purchase there with no scrip, illegal drugs, fruit, pork, etc. You cannot take any of the above across the border either way.

Bring some hand sanitizer, bug repellent.

Take time to let the wonder soak in.

For any other questions on schedule, seasons, etc look around this site or call Dave at 217.369.9897. email

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