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Culinary Trip to Copper Canyon

Lola Mancinas at the Divisadero market.

The delicious foods of the Norteño region around Copper Canyon have long intrigued and satisfied me on our train trips there.

So one day I was on the train rolling up toward the mountains from the west. And I thought- the foods of this place are one of the real highlights- and people really enjoy the markets, the little ranch kitchens, and the street food.

So why not have a culinary trip here?

So…we started planning and last fall the first ever “Blue Corn Express” rolled through Copper Canyon- it was a raging success!

The next culinary trip is coming up April 30 – May 7, 2011.

A "discada" on a ledge high above Copper Canyon.


These culinary trips are not in a class format like many other trips. Quite to the contrary they are an experiential immersion into the actual eateries of the area and an up close learning trip with local cooks and experienced chefs in the area.

The Blue Corn Express is a week long food experience as well as a full dose of the train and the Copper Canyon culture- the Tarahumaras, the music, the small towns, etc.

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