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Don Cuco Sotol on NPR

Sotol makes the headlines:

This morning on Morning Edition on NPR, our friends from Janos north of Copper Canyon were featured.  The Jaquez family were interviewed and the spot gave great background and promo for sotol and Don Cuco Sotol in particular.

What is sotol?

This distilled spirit is THE drink of Chihuahua. It is a tequilla-like drink made from the plant sotol. This spiny plant grows wild in the high Chihuahuan desert. The drink comes in many forms and in years past was made by local people and consumed on special occasions.

Who makes sotol?

Local people still make it. On a recent visit to Chihuahua with a Copper Canyon tour I was leading, my dentist gave me a couple of shots from a bottle he had gotten on the street in Madera. Then a few days later I bought 2 liters in a recycled Coke bottle in Areponapuchi. Then we received some from a hotel owner as a gift- no label.

Several companies produce it in Aldama and Delicias….but I think Don Cuco leads the pack for flavor and choice and varieties. They even have a crema that is like Baileys.

How can I get sotol?

Larger liquor stores have some types now. Don Cuco is available in  a few states and is coming soon to Illinois.

Can I go see how they make it?

Yes…absolutely! My small group tours of Copper Canyon include a stop at the Don Cuco hacienda the last day and you can even buy a few bottles to bring back.

Don Cuco sotol...THE drink of Chihuahua.

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