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Family Travel

Copper Canyon is family friendly

One of the overlooked destinations for family travel is Copper Canyon Mexico and the world renowned Copper Canyon train. Some people don’t consider Chihuahua to be safe. Others are just unaware of the grandeur and “Old Mexico” vibe of this place. For whatever reasons the Sierras ARE on the radar of experienced travelers but NOT generally included in family travel destination options.

Reasons for families to travel to Copper Canyon

  • The train: CHEPE is the Copper Canyon train and it is a true passenger train. It stretches some 400 miles right through the spine of the Copper Canyon area. As it threads its way it crosses 37 bridges and passes through some 86 tunnels. It took about 100 years to complete this amazing railway. Every day it leaves both ends of the route- from Chihuhua City and Los Mochis. The whole experience is very kid friendly.
  • The little towns: There is no sleeping on the train and the heart of the Copper Canyon experience is staying in the lodges in the small towns. Cuauhtemoc and San Juanito and Creel and Cusarare and Areponapuchi and Cerocauhui and Temoris and El Fuerte and other little places are not to be missed.
  • The Tarahumara: These reclusive Indians are more accurately called Raramuri, which in their language means “running people”. They are the long distance runners made famous by the bestseller “Born to Run”.
  • The adventure: There is hiking, horseback riding, exploring remote areas by vehicle and now the new adventure park at Divisadero. The gondola is breathtaking and the new zipline system as in the top three in the world- beyond belief.

Copper Canyon and Baja

I recommend for families to include Baja with their Copper Canyon experience. Best time of year for this is summer once the rains start (water is warm in Baja) or winter vacation time. A jaunt on the Sea of Cortez can be included and features some of the best snorkeling and kayaking on the planet.


One of the real advantages of traveling this area is that it is not expensive. Copper Canyon trips usually start in El Paso and in the case of the Baja option, end in Cabo. These are inexpensive places to fly to and from.

A spirited game of rarajipari in Copper Canyon. From Mickey Mahaffey.

A spirited game of rarajipari in Copper Canyon. From Mickey Mahaffey.


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