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Five Things Not to Miss on a Copper Canyon Tour

You don’t want to go to Copper Canyon and miss Copper Canyon!

1. The view at Divisadero

Sometimes due to a hurried Copper Canyon trip or a poorly advised itinerary, people miss this grand area. Don’t.

We ALWAYS plan trips to include 2 nights and a room with a view above the little town of Areponapuchi. Hotel Mansion Tarahumara is our lodge of choice but the Mirador is also quite servicable.

2. El Fuerte

No matter if you Copper Canyon trip is starting in Los Mochis or Chihuahua City, don’t miss this little town. The plaza is old style, the market is lively with delicious local food, and the architecture is vintage.  We usually stay at Rio Vista hotel with Chal because of the view but there are other local places…like Real de Carapoa just off the square.

3. The waterfalls

Cusarare is one of my faves. You can see the falls along the train at the Temoris station stop. Sometimes we actually stay at this little town- I know of no other tour companies who do. The there is the majestic Basaiachic- beyond belief. One that is truly out of the way is above Cuiteco. Again most tour companies avoid this place- I love it!

Here’s the deal: best time for waterfalls is late July through November. At other times they may be dry.

4. Mata Ortiz

This place is north of the canyons and we always include the Casas Grandes area and Mata Ortiz as well as the Paquime ruins. the local pottery at Mata is amazing and all produced in home workshops.We are actually changing our Copper Canyon trips now to include this place on the way in and out as well.

The finished product...amazing!

5. Copper Canyon

Yes. Don’t go to Copper Canyon and miss Copper Canyon. so many packaged tours whisk up and down the train line and people see little of it. So…

  • Take your time and stop in the little towns
  • Travel both ways on the train
  • Don’t sit and read books or talk about politics on the train. Go lean out the window!
  • Just sit somewhere and let the vastness of this grand place soak in. Like Gallego overlook, the Batoplilas road, the Temoris overlook, the Christo Rey above Creel or wherever.

The sun still rises over this Sierra Madre paradise- this shot taken from my hotel room!

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