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How to get a visa for Mexico

Tourist Visa for Mexico

It is much easier to enter Mexico from the USA than vice versa. Actually it is quite simple and it is free if you are staying for less than seven days. There is a simple form and you usually get your passport stamped. When you are on a plane, they hand you the form along with a customs declaration and usually the people ate the airport are very helpful. I have even run into English speaking people at the bigger airports like MEX.

Don’t expect every entry to be the same. Nor should you expect what I say in this blog about visas at the border to be consistent with your experience. Seems like things vary at various places. I have entered at a number of places on the border and at various airports. Things vary from place to place.

You need a passport to enter Mexico

Have a current passport or passport card and expect it to get stamped. Important thing is that of it gets stamped going in, it must get stamped going out. One tricky thing is if you exit at a small airport or on a bus or car, you have to be sure you don’t follow the lead of the Mexican tourists. Be sure to go to the exit aduana and get that sucker stamped that you are exiting the country.

Crossing the Border

More and more of even the smaller crossings have English speaking helpers there. Just be sure to have your passport or card, a pen and an idea of where you are going- like a simple address. Generally the gringo side will not even stop you, but on the Mexican side, just walk into the aduana and you will see a window. Be sure to check for the hours at smaller crossings.

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