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Is Mexico Safe?

Is Mexico safe?

Once again this morning I received an email with this question. Someone had been on this site and had some interest in going to Copper Canyon. I get this question quite often and I always try to answer as best I can and answer it completely. We assume a lot about Mexico and we hear many things about our southern neighbor–and we have for many, many years.

The State Department warning about Mexico

Read what our State Department says about Mexico travel and believe it reflects realty and you will not go there. From my experience there, I find the warnings for Copper Canyon and other areas a bit confusing. I have no way of checking the incidents they warn about except for the factors that I discuss below. I doubt that what they describe is based on stats or on the ground experience. Regardless, I encourage people to read the warnings and proceed as they feel comfortable.

We take small groups to Mexico quite often

In February, 2017 our local guides led 5 groups of travelers through the canyons in Chihuahua–and with no incident…just enthusiasm from our guests.

Here is why we keep taking small groups though less traveled places in Mexico–Copper Canyon, Oaxaca, Puebla, Merida, Chiapas, Mexico City and the Monarch butterfly reserves:

  • We have had no problems
  • Other groups we know of are trouble free
  • Our local guides have no hesitation
  • Stats show that Mexico ranks quite well with other locations (including the USA) for safety
  • My own experience on the ground (I am the guy who did the “Walk Across Juarez“) tells me it is fine to travel there

My business card

I have become frustrated on this issue with locals, the Mexico Tourism Board, and other entities. So I rebranded a bit and coined the marketing phrase, “Mexico: Safe, Enchanting, Get There”.

Lets go to Mexico!

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