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Mata Ortiz Potters…Tina and Eusebio Sandoval

Last week I was down in Mata Ortiz and made the rounds of ten or more homes visiting and buying pots. Diana Acosta was with me as was Alfredo Murillo.

Alfredo Murillo at Piedra Volada last week.

Alfredo (pictured in this recent post) is my right hand in Chihuahua City where he lives with his wife Norma and kids. He also guides for other companies. Alfredo and I traveled around for a few days in the Copper Canyon area last week making some last minute arrangements for the upcoming culinary trip, “The Blue Corn Express”, visiting with one of our fellow guides, Gustavo Luzano, in Areponapuchi, and buying some pots in Mata Ortiz.

Diana Acosta in Mata Ortiz

As I said, Diana Acosta was our host in the Casas Grandes area and she took us out to the little village of Mata Ortiz for a morning of shopping in the homes of various artists. Diana is a guide as well – her company is Agave Lindo Tours… a great resource for groups not just in the Casas area but also around Chihuahua and other parts of Mexico as well. Here Diana is shown with one of the little handmade human hair brushes the Eusebio Sandoval was using in his home studio.

Eusebio inthe first stages with a pot.

It was fascinating to watch as Eusebio put together a pot from the beginning.

Tina Sandoval with one of their large graphite pots

Their home/ studio was filled with potting supplies, partially completed pots, and several finished pots – notably a few that were 18- 24 inches tall…amazing pieces.

Tina graciously showed us around, chattering along in Spanish.

Sandoval pots...it was hard not to buy them all!

Tina and Eusebio Sandoval with me in Mata Ortiz last week.

So we had a great visit with these folks and look forward to selling some of their pots when our new site “Fine Line Pottery” gets moving.

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