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Miguel Lara Wins Caballo Blanco Ultra

It happened last March–the young standout Raramuri runner won the Caballo Blanco Ultra in Copper Canyon Mexico. He took the field for the third time in the last four years and continue to show why he is the strongest of the Chihuahua runners.

Here is the article from The Herald in Spanish:


Miguel has since qualified for the prestigious Western States Ultra and hopes to travel there in 2015–we wish hi well.

His USA running along with three other Raramuri runners is so gratifying. We worked hard to get those original visas and now others including Aravaipa Running are helping them to compete in the US and Mexico.

The races are just a part of the Copper Canyon Running Project, designed to bring sustainable income to these runners made famous by the bestseller “Born to Run”. This project gives runners a chance to travel to Copper Canyon and run with Miguel and other Raramuri runners right in the are a where the famous Copper Canyon Ultra is held each March. We also are taking runners to that race in March 2015. You can watch the race, or run in it and get a taste of the huge canyons and the copper Canyon train as well.

Copper Canyon Running Project

Miguel Lara with Dave Hensleigh and Arnulfo Quimare in Juarez during the first trip to attain US travel visas.

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