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Only the beginning…

Back from Copper Canyon

Just back from another safe and fascinating trip to Copper Canyon, I was sitting this morning in the cafe of an El Paso hotel gobbling down some breakfast. From the muzak-likeĀ  speakers over head came the strains of that old CTA song, “Only the Beginning” and it took me back to 1969 and Tarkio College and all of that.

But it also took me forward to my wife and I right now and our vision with Authentic Copper Canyon to build a business and make a difference in Copper Canyon.

The vision for Copper Canyon

Our vision is connection. Connection of the lives of our guests with the people, culture and wonders of majestic Copper Canyon. Connection across a border wall that now separates and is based on fear. Connection that only reflects the actual connection we have culturally, economically, and historically. Connection that should be happening but is not because fear is easier than understanding. There is not now nor has there been any significant danger to travelers to Chihuahua or any part of Mexico over these past years. Yet a great divide has swollen like a festering wound along the borderlands and we all end up the lesser for it.

Only the beginning…

Authentic Copper Canyon had a group there last week (they loved it and always felt safe), has a group there now (they are loving it and feel safe I am sure), and we will take many more on small group trips to Copper Canyon. Over the last 8 days we walked the streets of Juarez, took in the night life- I even ran in the GNJ Marathon there! We ambled around Chihuahua City. We rode the Copper Canyon train up through the Sierra Madres. We drove up through the vast ranch lands toward Casas Grandes and Paquime and Mata Ortiz. We sipped sotol and lechuguilla and laughed and sang. We always felt safe and we were safe.

Every group is the same. They go with a bit of caution because our press (fear sells) and the State Department warnings (I find them frankly outlandish and inexplicable) about Mexico would scare even John Wayne, and because we always seem to assume the worst about Mexico. Then with every Copper Canyon trip, people realize with two days or so that its ok and wonderful and they enjoy the Copper Canyon train and the people deeply.

So this is only the beginning of thousands and thousands of people connecting with the gracious people of Chihuahua and the Copper Canyon wonders.

Only the beginning…only just a start! Oh baby, only the beginning!

Copper Canyon

High on a ridge above Batopilas on a recent Copper Canyon trip...only the beginning!

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  1. Gloris says:

    Looks/sounds awesome, Dave! Thanks for the song =]

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