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Pack Like a Pro

People are always asking me what to bring on their Copper Canyon trip. I have a “bring list” which helps people get the idea with Copper Canyon weather and how to dress to enjoy it.

I just ran across a great article to complement this for Copper Canyon tours in the magazine Real Simple. The article is called “Pack like a Pro” and since I am one to just throw things in a bag, it gives essential info to our guests that they will NEVER get from me.

Here is how the article starts:

Pack Mentality

Getting ready for a trip can feel like a game of Tetris, in which you’re figuring out how to fit everything while frantically planning for each possible scenario. “When traveling, people become fearful of going into the unknown and use clothes as a security blanket,” says Cary Cooper, a professor of psychology at Lancaster University, in England. “But all those what-ifs only lead to overpacking.” (And even more stress.) Here’s a surefire way to eliminate the agita.

Then there are three “simple ” steps to doing this pro-style packing:

1. Decide what you are taking. Our list can help with this but there is a warning here: this is the toughest step. Practice saying “NO”.

2. Roll it, fold it, bundle it. This is cool. I will never do it but it is cool.

3. Fill’er up. This means you put the stuff in the bag. But they have an efficient and organized way to do it. Like even ideas about how to handle dirty laundry. I just thought you throw it away as you go. Hmm.

Hey also another good resource from Real Simple–-a packing checklist.


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