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Tarahumara religion

Where Night is the Day of the Moon.

This is the subtitle for Bernard Fontanas excellent book on the Tarahumara. Perhaps I would wish for more of the food or daily life of this incredible people in his writing. Nevertheless, a real strength of the work is his explanation of the religious beliefs and practices of the Raramuri.

Along the trail in Copper Canyon.

Basic to their beliefs is that what is experienced in the day as we live is the opposite of the life of the night, death and the soul and that in the night, the souls of the dead move about. Those dead souls plant and harvestĀ in opposite seasons as the living- harvest for the dead is in March.

The mysterious and seldom affable Tarahumara of Copper Canyon

So as one sleeps, the Tarahumara believe that the soul works…as we dream, the soul is active.

Night is the day of the moon.

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