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The peso- better and better!

Each day now the past two weeks or so, the exchange rate has become more and more favorable with the peso. There were times last year when we could get 15 per dollar in Mexico. But those days are long gone. We were nearly down to 12.0 recently. Now things are on the rebound. Probably one if the contributing factors is the overall economy in the USA. But also I think the improving security situation at the border is an issue- and please remember that security and the safety situation is very very good in the Copper Canyon and train areas.

CHEPE- the Copper Canyon train approaching El Fuerte in the morning.

People ask about the cost of our individualized and small group trips. I often say it depends on schedule, itin, and of course the peso- it makes a huge difference what the exchange rate is.

One tip on money: wait to exchange if possible until you get to Mexico. Airports and local banks are not so good on the rates. Usually there is a place to exchange money open in Chihuahua City or in Los Mochis. Another option is to wire money through Vigo or another service if you have someone you trust there. Money can be picked up at several different locations there in Mexico.

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  1. …and lo and behold, in just 6 hours today, on the very day I blog this, the peso exchange went up about 5% to 13.108…in just 6 hours!

  2. …also, it used to be easy to calculate the exchange before NAFTA and the weakening of the peso- it was 10 to 1. These days and years are hard for the Mexican economy because more pesos per dolare means they get less for their money.
    Authentic Copper Canyon always pays in dollars when possible because it is good for the Mexicans- and our policy is to pay well.

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