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The three best hotels in Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon Hotels

There are many fine places to stay along the Copper Canyon train. Since CHEPE has no sleeping cars and does not travel over night, people are curious about the hotels and ask me which are the best. Tough question.

I have experienced many and they vary in style and quality. There are the simplest of cabin like lodges as well as very nice full service hotels. I have listed Copper Canyon hotels we use elsewhere, but here I will feature three I really like.

San Felipe el Real in Chihuahua City

This place is the creation of a visionary Spaniard and his Mexican architect wife. Well the dear Spaniard died but his gracious wife Wendy is carrying on with this fine little hotel and we are all blessed for it.

San Felipe is a restored Luis Terrazas mansion and with only six rooms it stays quiet and welcoming even when the house is full- which is often! The website for San Felipe el Real gives a good visual tour to this lovely place.

Mansion Tarahumara in Areponapuchi

This family run hotel sits on the cliffs above the Copper Canyon gondola and ziplines. It is near the Posada Barancas station and is near the Divisadero area. Rooms are simple but always clean and are nestled along the mountain or perched high on the cliff with a view.

The food here is hearty and delicious. There is a bar. The is usually music after dinner and the service is great.

This is a favorite place for our groups to land on a holiday- like New Year’s Eve.

Mansion Tarahumara website.

San Isidro Lodge above Cerocahui

This place is remote and simple but I like it- and our guests do too. It is run by two Laurel and Hardy type brothers who do the hospitality, dish up the food, mix the margaritas and generally make you feel at home.

One cool add on here is that there are usually some of the well known barefoot runners about – those of “Born to Run” fame.

Join us and our hosts, Mario and Tito at San Isidro Lodge soon!

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