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The Ticket for the Sun Bowl

Many people travel to El Paso for the New Year’s Eve Sun Bowl. Who knows which college teams will meet at this year’s game. Whoever it is , you can be sure that Bernie Olivas and his staff at the Sun Bowl office will have a great experience ready for you.

The El Paso Community as well is sure to roll out the red carpet for a great event.

If you are coming, why not consider a trip to Copper Canyon just after the 2011 Sun Bowl? On January 1st, 2012, we will head south into this amazing place for a five day excursion including the amazing Copper Canyon train (37 bridges and 86 tunnels).

What is Copper Canyon?

• Copper Canyon is majestic…deeper and more vast than the Grand Canyon and certainly one of Mexico’s best kept secrets- called the greatest place the world has never seen.

• Copper Canyon is rugged…a land filled with the romance and mystery of the Tarahumara Indians (the barefoot runners of “Born to Run” fame), Mennonites, Spanish colonial culture, and a rich dose of “Old Mexico” hospitality.

• Copper Canyon has a train…it is traversed by the grand railway “CHEPE”, cited as one of the world’s most spectacular trains- including 37 bridges and 86 tunnels.

• Copper Canyon is enchanting…called “Barrancas de Cobre” in Spanish; it’s just five hours from El Paso, Texas. Yet it is a whole new world of gracious people, delicious Northern Mexican cuisine, and incredible architecture.

• Copper Canyon is fun…now home to adventure options including a huge gondola, zip lines that soar above the abyss, horseback riding, biking and hiking that take you along the rim and deep into the canyons and more.

Authentic Copper Canyon trips are a genuine week long excursion by train into this amazing place. We always keep the groups small, the itinerary flex, and the level of discovery and rich experience high. The hotels and food are authentic and of exceptional quality. Accommodations vary, but always include private rooms, hot water, linens, etc.

ACC collaborates with skilled and experienced Mexican vendors to provide a deeply enriching experience. Your scenic excursion will be packed with art, architecture, history, people, the cuisine of northern Mexico, tremendous photo spots, and a great dose of the romance of the train rolling through the heart of Copper Canyon. We also now offer “The Blue Corn Express”, the first ever culinary trip to the Sierra Madres, as well as a Sea of Cortez by yacht option.

What makes this trip unique?

• Dave and his expert team of Mexican guides know Copper Canyon and the Sierra Madres inside out, and you will have an in-depth experience.

• Your itinerary will be planned, but the groups are small and we often flex to maximize your trip experience.

• We emphasize local people and out of the way places in order for you to fully take in the rich and gracious culture of this wonderful destination.

Call us today to get on board with this Sun Bowl trip to the Copper Canyon.

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